Compare And Contrast Essay On Fobs Vs Twinkies

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Does racism and discrimination happen everyday? In a recent article written, Brent Staples, the author of “Black men and Public Space” has written his article to inform readers how, because of racism and discrimination, he can alter public space. By being black he is able to change public space, by doing certain things and acting a specific way he is allowed to make people think he is a dangerous criminal that is up to no good. FOB’s vs Twinkies” is written by Grace Hsiang. She captures the real life scenarios that racism happens everyday between different races and most of the time, ironically, in the same race. She talks about intraracial and interracial problems, and which ones she has seen or heard of. In this essay I will be explaining the similarities and differences between two authors, who write about similar things occurring every day, we pay no attention to. In these articles, the authors show similarities of discrimination; however these articles highlight similarities using tone, diction and audiences. Racism and discrimination are both discussed in these articles. And in my opinion I feel like it would be the main topic throughout both …show more content…

In Black men and Public Space, Staples uses his diction to come off as sarcastic, to add humor to his text. Hsiang, on the other hand, uses her word choice to demonstrate the fear and pessimism her race endures everyday. Although their diction used is a difference, the other difference is who their intended audiences were to be. For Staples, his targeted audience was geared towards young women who are afraid of black males. The audience he preferred to write this for was gender based, to make these young women who are frightened by him aware of unconscious prejudice and racism. In the article “FOB vs Twinkies” her preferred audience was race based; she targeted the young Asians within her

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