Compare And Contrast Essay On Frankenstein Vs Ultron

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Frankenstein is an iconic story, which has been the inspiration for many books, movies, and TV shows. A popular example of this is the recent comic book based movie, Avengers; Age of Ultron. While there are things that differentiate the two, you can base a lot of the characteristics of Ultron back to Frankenstein's creation.
Ultron, along with Frankenstein's creation, are both created by an intelligent scientist, trying to be the leaders in their fields by accomplishing something that no one else has. Both creators subjects go awry. Stark and Frankenstein both blame themselves for the creations wrong doings, and want to put an end to their inventions, even though they have yet to begin to understand them. Both of the creatures have a back
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Frankenstein's monster ultimately wants the love and human connection that everyone else enjoys, while Ultron wants to be superior, and will go to great lengths to achieve his goal. Ultron learned quicker, by directly accessing data from another computer program, while Frankenstein's creation has to learn things through innocent discovery and observation. Frankenstein’s monster is actually made of that which a human is, while ultron is technically a computer type object that has built a structure for himself to reside in. Frankenstein’s creation has claimed that he has only killed due to the neglection of his developmental period, while Ultron has plans to kill all human life due to their inferiority. Frankenstein’s experiment finds humans interesting and want to like them. Ultron, on the other hand, finds people to be frivolous and weak. Tony doesn’t rejoice when his creation flees (Like Victor) but instead immediately tries to track, find and put a stop to him. Stark doesn't get to hear ultron's point of view directly as Frankenstein does by coming face to face with his creation. Due to this inability to talk face to face, Stark and his friends decide to battle it out with Ultron, unlike Victor, who listens to his creations story and point of view.
It is easy to see the similarities between the two popular works, even though they have
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