Compare And Contrast Essay On Gun Control

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Jianni Wellington Gun Control One of the big debates this year is whether gun control is good or bad. The top two candidates for this year’s election are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. When it comes to gun control, I side with Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. I agree with Trump because I do not like having my rights being taken away. Hillary is not necessarily taking the Second Amendment away, but she is going to make it really difficult to obtain a gun. Who do you agree with? Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both agree on a " no fly, no buy" policy. The " no fly, no buy" policy does not allow people on the airline terrorist watch list to buy guns. Trump and Clinton also changed their thoughts about gun control from what they thought about it in the past. Trump once…show more content…
She believes only a few people are allowed to have guns. She once said, " I love my daughter and granddaughter more than anything and I worry about them as every mother does, and I want them to always be safe. Parents teachers and schools should have the right to keep guns out of schools should have the right guns out of classrooms, just like Donald Trump does at many of his hotels by the way" (Chozick). She thinks it will be safer in the streets if were many restrictions for the process of getting a gun. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both passionate in what they believe about what should be done for gun control. They both want to protect the citizens, but they have different views on how to handle gun control. Clinton wants to keep her family and the citizens safe so she believes putting more restrictions on the Second Amendment will protect civilians. Trump wants keep the Second Amendment make sure people who are not criminals can hold a gun in order to protect themselves. Overall, I would have to agree with Trump because having the Second Amendment might make things
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