Compare And Contrast Essay On Hercules Movie Vs Myth

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Hercules; Movie vs. Myth When you think of Hercules you probably think of the fun loving and buff Disney cartoon character. Hercules was much more than the character Disney portrayed. In the movie Hercules, it says that Hercules was born to Zeus and Hera on Mt. Olympus. Then he was turned mortal by Pain and Panic. In the myth, Zeus visits Alcmena. After this, Hercules is born to Alcmena in Thebes, and they call Herucles “Alcaeus”. This would mean that Zeus and Alcmena are his biological parents, and Amphitryon and Alcmena are his parents on earth. Hercules was half god and half human in the myth. Amphitryon is a distinguished general in the myth, and in the movie he is portrayed as a non wealthy common person. Hera hears about Zeus’ recent action and about Hercules. She is infuriated at Zeus and is so jealous that she wants to kill Hercules. In the myth, one night Hera sent two snakes to kill Hercules and his brother, Iphicles. The snakes hovered over the sleeping babies, Iphicles screamed, but Hercules wasn’t phased. He sat up and grabbed the snakes by their throats. Amphitryon rushed to nursery to find hercules holding to dead snakes. This scene was also depicted in the movie when Hercules’ parents found him on the ground.…show more content…
In the movie, Meg’s soul is sold to Hades and she is his slave. Hercules comes across Meg when she’s talking to some river creature and he tries to save her. Their love blossoms and they both sacrifice themselves to save one another. In the myth, Hercules conquers the Minyans. As a gift of gratitude, he has the hand of Princess Megara. He was totally devoted to her in both the movie and myth. Not all is well in Hercules and Megara’s life, because Hera still wants to absolutely ruin Hercules’ life. After they have three sons, Hera makes Hercules go mad. In his madness, he kills Megara and his three sons. Then he comes out of the madness covered in blood and totally
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