Compare And Contrast Essay On Into The Woods

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Into the Woods is a great stage production and even a great movie. But there are some things that make one better than the other. Which one is better? The stage production is better for multiple reasons. Into the Woods is about some of our favorite characters from our favorite stories, like Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, along with Cinderella, any others. They all have a wish, that they think will makes their lives so much better. Yet sometimes a wish, will not bring you all the joy you hoped for. Which production is better? The stage production is better for multiple reasons. There are three things that make the stage production better than the movie starting with, the stage production is funnier, the acting and singing is better, and you feel like you are actually part of the play.
The actors and actresses seem to have made more jokes on stage, rather than in the movie. Throughout the stage production the actors and …show more content…

As you are watching the stage production, the actors might make a really funny joke that is made toward the other actor, but they look towards the audience and make funny faces and other things and the audience laughs and the actor that is being made fun of just sits there and ponders about what is going on. Another thing that is related to this topic is the the stage production can break the fourth wall and actually talk to the audience with makes for a better. Others can say that movies can have the same effect on people and it doesn’t matter if it is a stage production or movie. They might also say that there are movies that have broken the fourth wall like the movie Deadpool. In Deadpool the main actor talks to the audience all the time. But even though movies can break the fourth wall, Into the Woods does not, and I didn’t think that the movie interacted with the viewers at

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