Compare And Contrast Essay On Jfk

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They, as conservatives, feel the extreme change in society during JFK’s presidency created problems. The authors feel Kennedy ruined America’s reputation, caused citizens to rebel, and somehow disrupted family life. This is an unfair interpretation. As, multiple times earlier in their accounts, Schweikart and Allen have shown obvious bias towards leaders who promoted change, such as FDR. Yes, the authors feel he had no equal, at least in his time period, they feel this way mainly because of his differences from JFK. Schweikart and Allen prefer Lyndon’s expansive Great Society to Kennedy’s little attention to racial issues. Though, perhaps the authors believe LBJ focused too much on the Great Society, and not enough on his Campaign, among other things. In PHUS, Zinn believes the new civil rights laws did not help people of color as much as the president pretended to. Adding on to Schweikart and Allen’s information, Zinn includes key facts and statistics about the unemployment gap between races, reasons for uprisings, and civil rights laws passed. Schweikart and Allen and Zinn all mention white hate towards blacks and Martin Luther King Jr, but in almost opposite ways. For example, Schweikart and Allen…show more content…
He cites the “domino theory” for communism as the primary reason for the war. The theory was that if Vietnam became communist then, it leave way for other countries to become communist as well. At the end of the war, the United States had wasted its resources, had millions die, growing unrest due to anti-war movements and lost the war. The US lost the war, according to PAT, due to generals’ odd strategies and the president’s reluctance to pursue the war in the first place. Schweikart and Allen explanation differs from Zinn’s, again, due to focusing more on war strategies and fighting rather than the causes and
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