Compare And Contrast Essay On Persepolis

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When people believe in something, they must stand up for it and speak out. In Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, Marji stands up for what she believes in against the government. Likewise, in The Importance of a Single Story, Chimamanda Adichie speaks out against what she believes in injust. Finally, Anthony Bourdain No Reservations shows him writing about the truth in Iran, despite political threats against him. It is essential for people to stand up for what they believe and resist unjust government, because this will lead to improvements in many aspects of people's lives . After many years of protest, the Shah's government was overthrown and no longer ruled. We see this on pages 40-42 of Persepolis, as people protest and demonstrate, and finally there is a change in the government. The Shah was overthrown only because people stood up for what they believed in. If the Iranian people had kept quiet about what they believed, then no change would have been made in the government. Similar to this, Jason Rezaian wrote out against political injustice in Iran. This caused him to be arrested, but not before his name became well known. Now, politicians and citizens alike…show more content…
On page 32, A widow of a man knows he died from cancer, and isn’t a hero. After seeing the people demonstrating however, she decides to join them. If the demonstrators had not have stood up for what they thought, then the woman would not have changed her opinion on this social matter. Chimamanda Adichie also stands up for what she believes in by speaking of the importance of a single story. This has inspired people to try and understand stories and things from all viewpoints, rather than just one, so you get the full details. The only way that Adichie was able to make a change is society, was by standing up for what she believed in and speaking out against what she thought was wrong in the
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