Compare And Contrast Essay On The Alchemist

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Two of my friends growing up Andrew and Jonathan were both great baseball players, and had a great future ahead of them. The both were headed to collage on full ride scholarship’s to peruse their careers and hopefully make it to the major leagues until Jonathan’s fears changed everything. Which is very similar to Santiago and the crystal merchant journey in Paulo Coelho’s novel The Alchemist (1993), although Santiago wanted to give up several times during the journey, his determination keeps him pushing to peruse his personal legend or destiny unlike the crystal merchant who is stuck in his ways and is too afraid to peruse his personal legend.

I feel that we all have the fear of failing at some point in our lives, but I believe that if
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This quote is very important to me because there has been many times in my life that I was to afraid to take a risk, yes I may have made the safe choice but what if I would have had the courage to do the hard thing? Where would be my career or relationship’s be?

I think that I can live a better life with less regrets and more adventure, in the future I will try to face my fear of failing and purse my personal legend. Just like Santiago kept pursuing his destiny even though it would have been so easy to give up just like the crystal merchant, Santiago was rewarded in the end with a great adventure, knowledge and worldly treasures.

To finish my story Andrew and Jonathan both went to collage, jonathans fear of failing in baseball got to him and he thought he would complete collage and not get drafted into the major league and be left without a job or career, so he choked and his baseball career suffered, and he never made it to the majors. On the other hand Andrew realized that he had a great opportunity and seized it, he worked hard and never looked back after four years in collage he was drafted into the major league and achieved everything he ever wanted in
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