Compare And Contrast Essay On The Crucible

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The story is about a young girl named Abigail who is obsessed with a married man named John Proctor, who goes to Salem’s witch trials in Massachusetts during 1692. In order for Abigail being with Proctor she had to get rid of Proctor’s wife; Elizabeth. The main conflict of the movie was because of the obsession Abigail had with Proctor, innocent people were being accused of witchcraft. People were accused of witchcraft by Abigail and a group of young girls who would believe what she would say about seeing people doing witchcraft. It is a play that many people are always going to remember about because it is unbelievable that 19 people were hanged, one man was put on top of him a huge rock, and more people were accused and died in prison. It is amazing that the court believed a group of young girls and Abigail who were lying about accusing people of doing witchcraft when they were innocent. The author of “The Crucible” is Arthur Miller and was written in 1953. What the author was trying to achieve through this play is to tell us that we need to be careful and pay close attention to what people tell us and even more when they make accusations about someone. The reason why need…show more content…
The character that interests me the most is John Proctor because of his dialogue being someone who stands for pride and does not let others tell him what to do. Proctor’s tone is being serious most of the time. An example of his tone and standing for what he believes is when he says “You will not use me! I am not Sarah Good or Tituba, I am John Proctor! You will not use me!”. This quote explains the tone of being serious and standing for his beliefs and the words that support the tone are “You will not use me”. A connection I can make to myself is when I was accused in school for something I did not do, but the teacher wanted me to lie and say that I am guilty and I would not get
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