Compare And Contrast Essay On The Outsiders

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How can two individuals be so different yet be so comparable? In S.E Hinton’s novel, “The Outsiders”, she creates two characters who grow up in similar lives, but have complete opposite perspectives on the world. Dally Winston and Johnny Cade are similar because they both have neglective and abusive parents making them place little value on their lives. Yet, despite their similarities, Dally and Johnny have distinct personalities and different advice they give Ponyboy. Dally Winston and Johnny Cade, two greasers with many differences and more similarities than you may expect. Dally and Johnny have similar home lives with parents that are abusive and pay little attention to them. For example, Dally’s parents do not care about him and most of the time they do not even know if he is causing trouble or alive. Dally states that “‘My old man don’t give a hang whether I’m in jail or dead in a car wreck or drunk in the gutter”’(88). Dally has no parents to give him the proper…show more content…
Dally is always getting into trouble breaking laws and going to jail. Dally’s proud of his police record and yet every time he makes one wrong move the fuzz could kill him. That day came where he got in so much trouble he had nowhere to run. Ponyboy states “I knew he would be dead, because Dally Winston wanted to be dead and he always got what he wanted”(154). Dally is always a proud hoodlum and he is always making an inconvenience for everyone. Likewise, Johnny also did not want to live his life to the fullest. Johnny wanting to die is because he had nobody to love him at home except for Dally and the gang. He says “‘I can’t take much more’... ‘I’ll kill myself or something”’(47). Johnny says this because his life at home is so terrible that he would rather die than live another day. With all of the similarities Dally and Johnny share, they both have a different personalities and a different outlook on
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