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The Shack Jennifer Narciso College of Saint Elizabeth’s Table of Contents The Shack introduction Abstract The home The Campground The search The letter Going back Social anxiety Compare the movie with the book Figures Bibliography Abstract The Shack is about faith and have faith to believe in God and it have lesson and deal with social anxiety. I will explain the social anxiety part of the book I will compare it to the movies and shows similar and differences between the book and the movie. The purpose of the lesson is to show that you need to have faith and let things go and trust in God. The Shack The Shack took place in the country and the Father decided to…show more content…
They tried to show him to forgive and not to be upset and let everything go and forgive everyone and let everything go. Then they find the little girl and they have a ceremony to buried her. The movie is totally different than the book and the book is very complicated to understand and they took stuff out of the book and put stuff in the movie that wasn’t in the book because the movie was going to be too long. I saw the movie first and then read the book but it would been easier to watch the movie and not read the book because the book is too complicated to read. The social anxiety problem in the book and the movie was that the Father was heart broken because he got busy rescue his other members of the family and then he want to talk to anybody but then he realized they were try to help him and he let them help him and the daughter had social anxiety because she was blamed herself for the accident but then he talk to her and she is good then. At the end there is a trial and they prosecuted the lady bug person who abducted five kids along with her.
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