Compare And Contrast Essay On To Kill A Mockingbird

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Under our justice system, all citizens are treated fairly in our courts of law. This statement is completely false. Black people, hispanic people, they don 't have the same chances, the same opportunities as white people. Even nowadays, if a hispanic person is convicted of a crime, then the news shows horrible pictures of them, shows them dressed like gangsters, makes them look intimidating, and even though that’s “just the media” it’s stereotypical, and racist. If in the Trayvon Martin Case, they had showed pictures of Trayvon that were current, the public would’ve thought a lot different, he wasn’t a cute little 14 year old. He was something different. In the book “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, Tom Robinson was a black man, convicted…show more content…
He and his friends were just hanging out, playing around, and he was dared to talk to Carolyn Bryant, a white woman. Now Emmett, he wasn’t just an “ordinary” kid. He was black. And for some reason, the color of his skin makes him less of a person. If a white kid had done the same thing, it would’ve been regarded as a joke, the kid wouldn’t have been punished, he would’ve gone home like nothing happened. Emmett still did that, he went home, and carried on, but several nights later, Carolyn Bryant told her husband and his brother, and the were in a rage. They went to Mose Wright’s house, who Emmett was staying with and told Mose they needed to see the boy. They took Emmet from his house, beat him, gouged out one of his eyes, shot him in the head, and finally, through him in a river with a bag of cotton gin tied to his neck with barbed wire. Days later he was discovered by his uncle, Mose Wright, who reported it to the police. The men were taken to court for the murder of Emmett Till, and throughout a long trial, the brothers got off without a scratch. If there had been a black man on that jury, then the verdict might have been different. Months later, the men openly admitted to killing Emmett
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