Compare And Contrast Essay On Vaping Vs Cigarettes

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Vaping vs. Cigarette Smoking Smoking is dead, vaping is the future and the future is now. Tobacco smoking has been around for over 400 years, and frankly that’s way too long. Everything about tobacco smoking, cigarettes mainly, effect you physically and intramurally. I believe vaping is the solution towards ending any uses of tobacco smoke because of how much more healthier it is, how much less money it costs to vape, and just the overall physical appearance it leaves compared to smoking a cigarette. There many reasons for why vaping is healthier than cigarettes but I’ll only sum it down to three of the main reasons. The biggest and most obvious reason is the use of tobacco. Vapes don’t consist of tobacco. The chemicals in tobacco leave a horrible smell, stain your skins and teeth which can result to cancer in or around the mouth and it also blackens lungs which can cause lung…show more content…
Anything that you breathe into your lungs other than fresh air isn’t going to be good for you, but now a days, there’s so many unhealthy things in our air that aren’t good for us that people still breathe in, whether they smoke or not. Like stated before, vaping leaves behind a very good smell, depending on your e-juice flavor and the smell doesn’t stick to clothes and furniture or anything of that matter. Basically due to vaping being in such an early state, no one can prove the damages of vaping. As of now, it gives cigarette smokers the same want and feeling as smoking a cigarette, just without all the harmful chemicals that its contains.
Based off of all the information given on the many pros and very few cons of vaping, I strongly believe that vaping will be the fall of tobacco smoking forever because, smoking is dead, vaping is the future, and the future is

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