Compare And Contrast Essay On Women's Rights

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For a start, both of these speeches cover women’s rights. Both women Hillary, and Shirley talk about how women are under appreciated even tho all the hard work they do, contribute to the world as we know it. Shirley says “ when a young woman graduates from college and starts looking for a job, she is likely to have a frustrating and even demeaning experience ahead of her. “ Basically, even tho women go through the struggle of college they still had even more of a struggle to find a job, at this time. Hillary states this about the issue of women being under-appreciated “Yet much of the work we do is not valued--not by economists, not by historians, not by popular culture, not by government leaders.” They also both talk about discrimination against…show more content…
They also have their differences. For starters both of these speeches take place around 26 years apart, which is a major gap between each of these speeches many things in women 's rights had changed in those years. You can look up a timeline as I did to notice the differences, such a major change that I can not list them all. While the timeframe is a major difference, the skin color is also a major difference, Shirley Chisholm was African American, and growing up for her, and her being a women’s rights activist must have been very difficult compared to Hillary Clinton’s situation. Hillary’s speech also focused on both human, and women’s rights. While Shirley’s speech mainly focused on individually women’s right. Both speeches make great points, while they also have big differences such as the time period, skin color, and the overall world situation at both of these times. Hillary Clinton, and Shirley Chisholm had big impacts on women’s rights, and they both deserve the attention for doing so. Both of these speeches cover many things, and had a big impact on people’s life, and how our country deals with things today. Now today, both women, and men work

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