Compare And Contrast Essay: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Whats better the original or the copy? Todays topic will be the classic cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I will be directing both the original film and the adaptation and choosing which is best in my opinion. The films have many differences. Such as costumes, actors, and delivery. Both adaptations have amazing qualities. However, one is better than the other. The first difference I noticed between the films are the costumes. In the original the costumes were much darker and only had one color scheme. The main colors of this film were black, white, grey, yellow, and a small amount of red, black being the focal point. One of the most iconic characters costume (Dr. Frank N’ Furter) is a black and shimmery corset top with a black bikini bottom, fishnets and black platform heels. In the adaptation of the film, the color scheme was broadened. The color scheme includes some of the classic but this version includes pinks, grays, browns, and red is more of the focal point. In this adaptation Frank N’ Furter is dressed in a red bedazzled body suit, a red silk robe, and red boots. Another difference between films…show more content…
For example, the film has an iconic line. That line isTim Curry stating “ I see you shiver in antici……pation”. The pause between the word causes an unforgettable tension. In the adaptation Laverne Cox doesn't take that pause between the word causes that scene to have that missing tension that so many original film lovers anticipated. Another example is when Frank N’ Furter’s first creation Eddie comes into the film. In the original Eddie enters the film by escaping through a freezer that Frank N’ Furter has in his lab. This entrance, in the film answers questions about Frank N’ Furter and his experiments. In the adaptation, Eddie comes in through the window. This entrance not only defy gravity and physics but it also leaves the viewer with questions on how he is relevant to the

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