To Kill A Mockingbird Movie Comparison

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To Kill A Mockingbird Comparative Essay
To Kill A Mockingbird was published in 1960, immediately grabbing the public by the ear and showing them the dirty and racist underbelly of the deep south. Only two years later, the movie is produced, showing even more people the uncomfortable truth.
As you may have heard before by the reviews of so many stories, the book is better than the movie. This claim will not come as a surprise to many, for the book is taken as a godsend to a large chunk of the population, where the movie, despite the outstanding quality for the time, is not so well regarded when stacked up against one of America’s favorite pieces of classic literature.
An issue that is commonly found in the film is the lack of setup to Boo Radley’s reveal. It started alright; with Jem finding a couple of trinkets in a tree, but in the next scene there was an old man filling the hole with cement. All in all, the scene felt awkward and clunky, and if the moviegoer had gone in
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If memory serves, she had a majority of two lines. Sans Calpurnia, she was the main strong female character of the book. Not only is she struck from most of the silver screen, she is portrayed far thinner, far younger, and much more feminine than Scout described her in the book. This took a bit of the punch out of the support she offered through the book, making her more of a delicate woman than she was written as. This takes away the knowledge that the Finches were not alone in their disapproval of racism in Maycomb, with Ms.Maudie being one of the only other white people to accept the black citizens of the town. Ms. Maudie is not the only person suffering through this book to screen modification. Although Calpurnia is well enough portrayed, she is cut in many scenes, including the church scene that had really cemented how little the racial divide in the Finch family affected their relations with
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