Compare And Contrast Essay Walmart Vs Publix

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Walmart Versus Publix Both Walmart and Publix have their pros and cons, and they are both one of the largest and most successful companies in the world. However, there are many differences, and similarities between these two companies. Walmart and Publix are always trying to provide the lowest prices to customers. Both companies want their image to be better than the other, and feel the need to attract more customers. Finally, customer service is a major factor in any business, especially in such a demanding company like these two. The two companies have great deals and unbeatable prices. In this case is Walmart, Walmart has the cheapest prices in the market. Walmart is known to have the “lowest prices” that is why it is rare to see items …show more content…

Walmart’s customer service is quite awful; Walmart’s shopping experience has become chaotic and unpleasant for consumers. The employees appear as if they don’t want to be there. The lack of joy and delight in the store is felt in the atmosphere. The employees have attitude towards the customers and little patience for them. When in need of help finding an item or having trouble about anything; none of the employees seem to be there. Despite their prices Publix customer service is tremendous; their employees seem to always be delighted to help, and their general atmosphere is pleasing and friendly. The employees of Publix are constantly wandering the store to give assistance. Publix is so concern towards their consumers that they have employees who carry the consumer’s bags to their cars. Employees are never too afraid to reach out and help not just customers but anyone. For example, if asked “Where are the cereals” the employees will not just say “on aisle four” they will personally walk down and assist with any sort of problem. Furthermore, Publix also gives out free samples to customers. They are truly brilliant when it comes to customer

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