Compare And Contrast F Scott Fitzgerald And The Great Gatsby

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Imagine a life where everything you ever wanted was yours. F. Scott Fitzgerald a man who was born in St. Paul, Minnesota (F. Scott Fitzgerald) didn’t really have everything especially since he lived Minnesota a place that is very similar too North Dakota. The Great Gatsby was one of Fitzgerald’s biggest books that made him famous. The story is narrated by Nick Carraway who served in World War I and is now trying to learn about the bond business. He moves to west egg a very rich area in Long Island and is now stuck with a big mess. His cousin Daisy Buchanan is married to Tom Buchanan who is a very wealthy/powerful man, but there is sill a love between Daisy and Gatsby. Many people find The Great Gatsby an amazing book and that is because Fitzgerald writes in such uniqueness and creativity within his charachters, setting, and theme.. Additionally, F. Scott Fitzgerald is quite an interesting man he was a college dropout, a…show more content…
Daisy is miserable being married to Tom but stays with him anyways cause she is worried what will happen. Also, Jay Gatsby has always loved Daisy Buchanan, and thinks that she will fall for him once she sees how successful he has become. On the other hand Nick doesn’t have much but is happy with what he has and falls in love with a Jordan Baker and doesn’t care if he is rich or not. So in reality it doesn’t matter if you’re rich but if you’re happy. In conclusion, The Great Gatsby is a work of fiction by F. Scott Fitzgerald which includes detailed characters, an exploration of universal themes about money and happiness, and the writings of an author with a very interesting life and influence for his writing. It is still relevant to the modern day because of its commentary on unhappiness in relationships and its powerful storyline about a man searching for joy. F. Scott Fitzgerald, in this masterpiece, successfully created a story to be read and celebrated for a long
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