Compare And Contrast The Homes Of Kentuck Knob

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Both the beautiful Fallingwater and the gorgeous Kentuck Knob are architectural masterpieces located in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Both were designed by the famous and talented architect Frank Lloyd Wright, but for two different families. Fallingwater was designed for the owners of Kaufmann’s department stores, the Kaufman family. While Kentuck Knob was designed for their friends, the Hagan family. The house are both similar in many ways, but also have many stunning differences. First of all, the houses have very important similar locations. Both are located in the rolling mountains of Fayette County in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The hills and majestic natural landscape make a beautiful backdrop for both houses. Both follow the same idea of fitting “organically” into the setting around them. But Fallingwater was designed as a weekend …show more content…

What makes these houses so wonderful is a splendid combination of both the unique locations, in Fallingwater a hillside over the waters of Bear Run, and in Kentuck Knob the beautiful valleys of Youghiogheny River Gorge, and the perfectly used building materials. Such as, in Fallingwater, the use of the cantilevers to suspend the house over the hillside and the incredible sandstone, concrete, glass, steel, and North Carolina Walnut used. In Kentuck Knob the beautiful copper roofs and the stunning tidewater red cypress. These houses are so incredible, that they are open to the public today. Fallingwater is now owned and cared for by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and has guided tours daily. On the other hand, Kentuck Knob can be viewed only in parts of the year where the owners, Lord Palumbo and family, are not in residence-a practice which is quite common in the United Kingdom. In conclusion, both houses stood the test of time and are wonderful evidence of the creative mind of Frank Lloyd

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