Compare And Contrast Fascism And Totalitarianism

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Across the world , various ideologies were followed , totalitarianism and fascism were no exception .Most of ideologies today are mixtures of the ideologies that were followed before.In my essay I will talk about fascism and totalitarianism and their leaders. These two political systems definitely have differences , but there are some similarities as well , especially when it comes to the ways Hitler and Stalin controlled their countries. Both were considered as powerful dictatorial leaders.Their influence was so great that historians find it complicated to separate the system from the man referring to Stalin`s Soviet Union and Hitler`s Germany. Both systems were dominated by a single party and driven by an ideology , fascism-Germany and communism-Soviet Union. Fascism was originally used to describe the government of Benito Mussolini, in Italy.According to Dahlia S. Elazar`s book , The making of Fascism-Class , State , Counter-revolution , Italy 1919-1922, word fascio means combination and its origin lies in the bundle of elm or birch rods bound about the lector`s ax , the emblem of the authority of the Roman state -14.The word has been used in Italy for various political and social associations. State emphasized patriotism , national unity , hatred of communism, admiration of military values and obedience.German economic system
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