Compare And Contrast Father And Father

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The words 'dad' and 'father' are very similar on the surface, yet I think they hold very different meanings. The dictionary definition of father is “a man in relation to his natural child or children” and I agree that is all a father is. I associate the word ‘father’ as a biological term rather than a role or relationship. Fathers need only to contribute to the biological components necessary to produce the child. After that, their role and obligation to the child is over. Everyone has a father but not everyone has a dad. A dad is someone that is there for his children. A dad watches and actively participates in their lives. A dad helps their child grow up, raises them, nurtures them, attends dance recitals and baseball games and is present in their lives. Similarly to Franklin, my life includes a father but lacks a dad. My father left my family about two years ago after he was caught being unfaithful to my mother. Like…show more content…
I also believe Eldon Starlight struggles with many unresolved problems that contribute to the lack of presence is his son’s life along with many other fathers around the world. My father texts me every few days to say he loves me, I just wish he would do this in a more personal and meaningful way. I am sometimes jealous of my friends with amazing and ideal dads in their lives. My ideal father is one that is present in my daily life and takes interest in it. My ideal father would support and encourage my dreams and help me accomplish them. My ideal father would be kind and make an effort to spend time with me. Most of all, my ideal father would love me unconditionally and always express this love. Although my father may not be ideal I am still grateful I have the ability to know him and for the occasional good times I do get to spend with him as some children have lost their dads
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