Compare And Contrast Fdr And Hoover

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In the 1920s, many conflict-causing changes came to society with the introduction of women having more jobs, young people breaking away from tradition and authority, African Americans moving North, and traditionalists’ opposition of evolution. Women, having more job opportunities since men had left to fight in WWI, wanted to continue working. Two women governors appeared in the 1920s, as well as the right for women to vote. Young people at this time also wanted more personal freedom. With the introduction of dance marathons, new fashions and fads, etc., young people wanted to choose their careers and lifestyles, undisturbed from their parents. African Americans faced persecution in the South so they began to move north in search better jobs, which they eventually got. NAACP fought to give African …show more content…

Some similarities between the two include their not wanting to do deficit spending, wanting to help the people the way they felt best, and tried to end the Depression. Both presidents did not want to use deficit spending, but FDR needed to use it for the New Deal. Both also, Hoover with private organizations and FDR with the New Deal, tried to help people in the Depression. FDR was much more successful in his plan than Hoover. Hoover and FDR also tried to help end the depression, but neither were completely successful. WWII instead, ended the Great Depression.

The stock market was one of the last events to happen before the Great Depression and it was a contributing factor to the Depression. The other factors include Coolidge not giving federal relief to farmers, wealth not being equally distributed, having a large supply, but no demand, and debt from buying on margin. These other factors compiled into the stock market crash. On October 29, 1929, the stock market crashed, which led to a large economic depression and dramatically dropped in stock prices. This depression caused people to get scared and not buy any

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