Compare And Contrast Football And Choir

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When people think of artists, specifically choir, they think of talent, creativity, and cooperation. When people think of athletes, in particular, football, they think of strength, manliness, and endurance. Football and choir seem like they are as different as night and day. First of all, they are executed in completely different ways. Choir requires singing, reading music, memorizing pieces of music, and learning harmonies. Football includes learning a specific play, scoring points, running the ball, kicking the ball, and a lot of defense. Secondly, football and sports in general typically have more exposure, whereas choral music is shown in moderation. In addition, football tends to get funded way more than choir. However, football and choir…show more content…
The only difference is that football spectators are more interactive, whereas the audience at a choir concert is more formal. Football certainly would not be complete without the loud cheering of the fans, disappointed groans, and repetitive chants. They are allowed to eat food as well. A football fan's favorite past time is eating a delicious hot dog or nachos while watching their favorite team. In contrast, an audience at a choir concert is expected to be very respectful of the people on stage. In most cases, there is absolutely no food allowed. There is talking before the curtains go up, but when the choir goes up on stage everybody is silent. They are only allowed to make noise and applaud after the singers have finished. In conclusion, football and choir have more in common than most people would think. A lot of people are so blinded by stereotypes and the differences that they would not even think to compare them. When people think of artists, they think of creativity, talent, and individuality. When people think of athletes, they think of strength, endurance, and leadership. These stereotypes separate them from one another when actually they are equally as talented, skilled, and
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