Compare And Contrast Football And Soccer

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• Soccer and American football are two sports played with a ball. They both control a ball, and both have the end result of a ball either being placed in a net or over a line. But, these games are played slightly differently. American football and soccer are games of intense physical aggression and power. Many football players as well as soccer players are said to have even sustain concussions and injury’s. The difference between the two games is that of the scoring system and the difference in footwork. The object of the game is to score points by carrying the ball beyond the opposite team’s touchline.
• On the one hand, when the team scores in football, it is referred to as a touch down. Once they score, the team gets 7 points on the board and they then try to kick a field goal in order to get more points on the board. There are four, fifteen minute quarters with a halftime intermission after the second quarter. Being the only country in the world that plays football, the United States of America highest governing body is the NFL (National Football League). On the other hand, Soccer is played in just one half time each of which is played 45 minutes. Each goal is just one point only and there are no field goals.
• Soccer (Futbol) is the most popular
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Tthis aspect of soccer is better because of less injuries and you can be in the sport longer. Football is played in one country and soccer is played throughout the world, so it is easier to go in a higher level in football than in soccer because you are competing with kids around the world. So in this aspect football is better. Much of this debate is about opinion so although this paper may not change anyone’s opinion in my opinion soccer is better. I think of this because I love the game and it has less injuries and I could go many places in the
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