Compare And Contrast Fortinbras And Hamlet

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Hamlet written by William Shakespeare follows the story of Hamlet as he tries to avenge his father’s murder. Shakespeare uses the clash of opposites to express ideas that he wants to portray. The mystery of death is explored through the contrasting themes of life and death found in Yorik’s skull, the ghost of Hamlet’s father and Ophelia’s suicide. The contrasting characters of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and Hamlet show the importance of loyalty in friendship. Contrasting characters are also used with Fortinbras and Hamlet to empathize how inaction can lead to negative impacts. Ophelia and Hamlet are also used in contrast to emphasize the idea of insanity.
William Shakespeare explores the mystery of death by using contrasting themes of life and death. After his father’s murder, Hamlet becomes infatuated with the idea of death and what is to come after life. Yorik’s skull depicts the clear contrast between life and death as it gives a physical representation of death
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Fortinbras does not make regular appearances in Hamlet as he is conquering lands for most of the duration of the play, unlike Hamlet who spends most of his time procrastinating. Shakespeare gives similar back stories to both characters in order to contrast them. Both Fortinbras and Hamlet have lost their fathers due to murder which puts them both in a position to avenge their father’s deaths. Fortinbras is seen as the ideal figure who takes action straight away and seeks vengeance by regaining the lands his father lost. By acting quickly, Fortinbras was able to achieve his goal and ultimately achieve what he wanted. Nonetheless Hamlet did the opposite as Fortinbras and procrastinated until the last minute to seek vengeance. Due to Hamlet’s inaction there where many consequences, such as the death of many crucial characters in the play, including Hamlet

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