Compare And Contrast Frankenstein And Brave New World

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Brave New World serves to affirm traditional views of women by going to opposite extremes of his time, yet still making women seem inferior. Frankenstein in a way affirms traditional views of women by keeping female characters hidden in the novel. However, this does challenge traditional views because usually if there 's no female roles, there isn 't enough presence to be feminine. Nevertheless, Brave New World and Frankenstein, used the limiting role of women challenges the traditional views of them in the novel 's publishing period of time by mocking the absence of women 's roles and indepence in everyday life.
Even though Shelley and Huxley were two completely different genders, they were still huge criticizers of the society that surrounded them. They both lived during very patriarchal times and successfully mocked that part of society in their writing. Mary Shelley had even gone as far as to publishing Frankenstein without her name on it. In her age, it was wild for a woman to be so intelligent and have the capability to write a novel like this. If she had published it under her name, who knows if the novel would have been as successful as it is. The pure fact that she was a woman would automatically give her a disadvantage. She was able to represent the men as cruel and vile in Frankenstein, symbolizing the dominance of men in society. Even though Huxley published Brave New World more than 100 years after Shelley, the 1930 's were still pretty patriarchal. However,
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