Compare And Contrast Frankenstein's Monster And The Monster

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Frankenstein’s Monster VRS. The Incredible Hulk: Who will win . . . the fight to be human?

When considering Frankenstein’s monster, the word “superhero” is generally not the first to come to mind. Yet, the Incredible Hulk, originally drawing its inspiration from Frankenstein, is immediately identified as a superhero. Frankenstein was first published in 1818 by Mary Shelly. Today, Shelly’s monster has become the subject of inspiration ranging from the big screen, art, other literature, and even Halloween costumes, all portraying Frankenstein’s monster as just that, a monster. The Incredible Hulk is a 2008 movie based off of the original Hulk Marvel comics, also the inspiration to the 1978 five-season TV series and a 2003 movie, not to mention its own Halloween costumes, all making Hulk out to be the “good guy”. The first is a monster, and the latter is a superhero that simply looks like a monster. In truth, however, the two characters a very similar, but it is the minor differences between them that result in society labeling each differently and associating each with a different predisposition.
The first difference that sets Frankenstein’s monster apart from the Hulk is the “control factor”, or how much control each creature has over his own being, and their origins. First, each creature was created by a human –in their respective time periods, the greatest scientific minds of the century- and not conceived naturally or gifted life by God. Frankenstein’s monster was
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