How Is Freak The Mighty Movie Different From The Book

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The book Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick is a book about two boys that become best friends and have a special connection. In the movie, The Mighty, there are several scenes the same, but there are also many different scenes.The movie portrays several scenes differently than they are in the book such as the lunch scene, the return of the purse, and how Freak rescues Maxwell. In the movie, the lunch scene is different because of how Freak is playing with the gruel, and making jokes to impress a girl. The girl is not in the book she is only in the movie. Also, in the movie when Freak passed out Maxwell picked him up and started yelling for help. The scene in the book was Freak and Maxwell were talking and Maxwell went to get something and Freak started choking on the gruel and hen an ambulance came. Another part that happened differently in the movie, than in the book, is when Max and Freak went to …show more content…

In the book, when Freak was rescuing Max he just showed up with the acid . In the movie, Freak took his mom's van to get to Max and crashed. After he crashed the van Freak was walking in the woods and found a sled. While pushing himself with his crutches he started going very fast and crashed the sled into the trees. In the book, when Freak sprayed the acid he didn't tell Max what it actually was. In the movie, Freak told Max that he mixed all these hot spices together. In the book, when they escaped they didn't jump out of a door. In my opinion, the book Freak the Mighty is magnificent and a very entertaining book to read. There are many scenes in the book that are different from the movie like the lunch scene, the return of the purse, and when Freak goes and saves Maxwell. I think these differences make the book and the movie way both interesting. I think the differences are good because it sums it all up and with hearing both the book and the movie it fills in the blank questions in your

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