Compare And Contrast: Freak The Mighty

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Freak the Mighty Compare and Contrast
Freak the Mighty is a unique story. Both the movie and the book are very enjoyable. It is easy to find the similarities and differences between the two. The similarities between the movie and the book are interesting.
Freak the Mighty the book and The Mighty the movie have many similarities. Max, Kevin (Freak) Gram, Grim, and Gwen are all the main characters. Max and Freak are bullied in both the book and the movie. The ornithopter, a special toy, was played with by Freak and Max. Both boys were pursued by Tony D. and Freak sits on Max’s shoulders. Max has his meeting with the principle, then soon after Freak chokes on food.
Also, the novel and the movie both have or show Max living with Gram and Grim. There is also Freak naming the elements of the fireworks show while sitting on Max’s shoulders. They find Loretta’s purse in the drain. Grim wants to get a gun to protect his family from Max’s father, but Gram says no. All the extra …show more content…

Also along with the birthday, at Freaks birthday party in the book he has a seizure, the movie never has Freak get a seizure. In the book, Max runs to the medical building to find Freak and breaks the door, in the movie Max ends up in a place filled with people doing laundry. There are lots of little things to that were different like the movie started the setting in school and moved it to the summertime, whereas in the book we started the setting in the summertime and moved it to the school.
The book Freak the Mighty and the movie The Mighty are one of my favorite school books/movie. I recommend this book for any age and someone who likes thrill, adventure, or a good book seeker. The characters are very interesting which makes the plot interesting also. If you get a chance you should go read Freak the Mighty and watch The

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