Compare And Contrast Frederick Douglass And Benjamin Franklin

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Fredrick Douglas and Benjamin Franklin are both one of the most famous successful in American history. They both followed a certain milestone to make them successful. Even though they are considered hard workers, they both have different obstacles and different views in their lifestyle. Fredrick Douglas used to be a slave who was a fugitive and Benjamin Franklin was young white man who had a rough time with his parent because his parents are very abusive to him. By comparing the difference and similarities by these two great people in American history even though they had their rough times, that does not stop them from their success. When comparing to Franklin and Douglass they both live a different lifestyle from one another. Ben Franklin’s family was so abusive to him while Douglass had rough times when he was growing up and he was not educated the fact that he did not know his own name. This will be a signs for oppression, in that they utilized those lack of learning will stay with those slaves down, also make their history questionable providing for the ranch the place they functioned those main feeling for home they'd ever recognize. Ben Franklin was not educated at first but he knew his age and he self-educate himself. …show more content…

Benjamin Franklin was a scientist, politician, and he invents a bunch of cool things. Benjamin Franklin did not attend school until the age of ten. It took his father two years to pay for his son’s education. Franklin’s family household was large and he is the youngest out of his seventeen siblings. Benjamin Franklin grew up with an unfortunate lifestyle; in the fall of 1723, he went travelled to Philadelphia the city of Pennsylvania with a lack of budget and without support from anyone not even his close family. When Franklin was twelve years old, he made a decision about being a printer. At this age, Franklin started working long hours daily at his dad’s candle

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