Compare And Contrast Frederick Douglass And Booker T Washington

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Two Great Men “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”- Thomas a. Edison Frederick Douglas and Booker T. Washington were both amazing civil rights activists. Frederick Douglas was a runaway slave who worked to end slavery. Booker T. Washington was a slave who was freed after the Civil Was; he spent his life bettering his race by educating African-Americans. Both of these great men had a huge impact on America. Frederick Douglas was a runaway slave who had seen and experienced horrible things while in slavery. He worked hard to attain rights for African-Americans. Booker T. Washington had been a slave, but was freed at a very young age. He believed that the best way to help African-Americans was by educating them. He became a teacher and headed and developed Tuskegee Institute. These men had very different childhoods, but as adults they both strove for the betterment…show more content…
Frederick Douglas never had a formal education. He spoke of his time as a slave in order to rally the antislavery movement. Booker T. Washington was able acquire an education at Hampton institute by working many jobs to pay for it. He became a teacher; he spoke as a way to raise money and support for the education of African-Americans. Douglas and Washington both wrote books. Frederick Douglas wrote two books both of which were auto biographies. Booker T. Washington wrote many books and articles. He wrote autobiographies, about other African-Americans, his observations of Europe, education, and other hot topics of the era. Both been wrote books but, Booker T. Washington wrote much more than Frederick Douglas. Frederick Douglas and Booker T. Washington worked both hard to help their race, but had a variety of similar and differing experiences. They both were born slaves, well known speakers, and writers. These great men and a large and positive impact on
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