Compare And Contrast Frederick Douglass And Paul Laurence Dunbar

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African Americans were not treated fairly during slavery. African Americans are just like everyone else and deserve the same right as everyone else, no one should be treated differently by their skin color. Frederick Douglass and Paul Dunbar both talk about slaves and being treated unfair. They both use personal experience to support their ideas. Paul Laurence Dunbar uses conflict in “we wear the mask” to get his point across about African Americans being treated unfairly after slavery ended. He talks about how Africans Americans being happy because slavery ended but they still wasn't being treated like everyone else. Paul uses conflict by arguing that the life of African Americans are still being treated unfairly after slavery was over. Paul uses the quote “We smile, but, O great Christ, our cries To thee from tortured souls arise.” which means that African Americans are happy slavery over but they are still sad that they still get treated unfairly. In conclusion that African Americans should be treated like everyone else, they are just like us and should be treated like us.…show more content…
In “My bondage, My freedom”, Frederick wants people to understand that African Americans are being treated unfairly and should not be slaves. He uses his personal experience to show how life is being a slave and how he was treated unfairly. Lifes hard as a slave and African Americans have done nothing to deserve this. He says “Nature has done almost nothing to prepare men and women to be either slaves or
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