Compare And Contrast Froebel's Theory In Health And Social Care

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Froebel Froebel’s theory is linked to working with parents as he believed when children are in education and developing the parents should be closely involved (Pound 2006). This means the parents are a main part of their education as well as the practitioners. Also if the families have a negative attitude towards the setting by involving them and sharing information with them it could make them think more positive about the setting and feel comfortable when talking to practitioners. In my setting the staff have an open door policy so that parents have the opportunity to come into the setting and see how their child is getting on in the setting. As my setting is a flying start setting the children don’t do much work as play is the main focus so when parents come in to see how their child is getting on its mainly to see how they are communicating with children and staff and how they are behaving when in the setting. Also in my setting the children have log books which are books the children take home on a Friday to do an activity with their parents over the weekend. The activities in the book are often coloring…show more content…
This is why it is important to work with parents and include them as they know their child very well. (HM Government, 2010). In my setting the parents were very important when the transition was taking place because the practitioners didn’t know the children before they came to the setting so the parents had to pass on all the important information about their children to the practitioners so they are aware of any medical conditions. Also in my setting the practitioners have set up a day once a month for the parents to come in for the session with their children to play and see how they have settled in so far. This gives the parents opportunity to be involved in their children’s life in the
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