Compare And Contrast Galileo Vs Abramovitz

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In today’s world, we as a society have our own opinions on every subjects. As a result, we group ourselves with others that think similar to each other. In the readings by Stephen Hawking, Galileo, and Duchess Abramovitz, the readings all have a point about people grouping up with one another with similar ideas on certain issues. Also, in the documentary by Neil deGrasse Tyson, he explained to us how there were two groups that either wanted Pluto to be considered a planet or not. For example, Stephen Hawking explained how science isn’t the only way to prove how things are in this world and that religion or faith can have a huge impact on how people make their choices. Therefore, people tend to separate themselves with either religion/faith or science. Religion/faith have reasons as to why this world came to be. On the other hand, science also explained how this world came to be with reasons and evidences. In this society, people keep their faith in religion and follow the ideas that they have been taught since they were a child. However, there are others that believe …show more content…

Galileo is showing us that in the scientific world, there are people who are either open minded or close minded. There isn’t just scientist who are only open minded or close minded, but there are always a few group of people that are similar to each other instead of just one group who are similar to each other. However, Galileo explained both side of people who either supported his ideas or not. Not only are there open minded or close minded people in the world of science, there are also those that stand by their religious side or scientific side. Galileo tried to connect the views of those who look at problems through science and those who are firm believers of the

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