Compare And Contrast Gatsby And Tom

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F. Scott Fitzgerald one of the top writers in his time came up with two very interesting characters in his famous book “The Great Gatsby.” Tom and Jay Gatsby may have lots of faults in their relationship, But even then the two characters have somethings in common and some differences that this book has to offer. Many people might say they are exactly the opposite than having any similarities.By their riches, fame, and any other things they share in common, and some of the really obvious ones that makes them two into a different person and why it makes themself into a different character's. Another question that comes to mind, ”Why did Daisy stay with Tom instead of Gatsby?” Did she stay with Tom because of his hair or his Polo skills! What did Gatsby do to turn her away? These questions are going…show more content…
Tom is a Complex character of how he cheats on his wife and doesn't care if he does. In chapter- Tom had a reaction when Myrtle teased him by saying “Daisy, Daisy” that lead Tom to slap Myrtle in the face. This all is telling all of us that Tom doesn’t just hit women and cheat on his wife, it’s telling us Tom answers his problem with violence and its not a respectful way to treat women. Also another easy difference from Tom and Gatsby, Tom is a Polo player.I know it’s a cheesy answer, but it’s a difference between Tom and Gatsby. Then now we have the similarities of Tom and Gatsby. The main and most have in common is that they both don't want to lose Daisy. Tom may have cheated on her, but he still wants her to be by his side. Gatsby is a little more simple than Tom because Gatsby would die for Daisy for as his heart for her. Another easy common about them too is that they both are rich and they like to show off their wealth. Also one of the big ones is they both lie to be happy in their lives. Gatsby lied about who he really is and Tom lied about his secret relationship with
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