Compare And Contrast Gawain And Green Knight And Arthur

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The beginning of the Middle Ages and the medieval period simultaneously marked the fall of the Roman Empire. What Gawain and the Green Knight and Le Morte d’Arthur indulge in, to this extent, is constructing the beginning of new nations. Although the mentioned era was rather a quite a long period of time, it was also the time of quite radical and abrupt changes in the forms of written language and the forms that the written language takes on. Therefore, the foundational works mentioned above were actually taking the endeavor of fulfilling the necessity of a nation building text. In other words, they were fulfilling the sense of nation building not only on a dynastic level but also on a poetic level as well. And through this process, these texts also complicate and blur the line between different generic elements and consequently evolve as literary pieces that cannot fully contribute to either an epic, historical, or romance traditions. Although Romance tradition is usually regarded as the tradition of long poems, in the medieval sense they are also effectively the versions of the classic epic tradition and texts. Gawain and Green Knight and Arthur, similarly, are in a way quite interesting as they are not usual works of medieval romance. As instead they are fold into an epic framework throughout. Gawain and the Green Knight and Arthur, to this extent, particularly draw on various traditions and create a combination of all of them. So, influenced by epic tradition, they do
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