Compare And Contrast Gettysburg And I Have A Dream

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Gettysburg and I have a Dream are similar and different, they both have a purpose, used rhetorical and appeals. But they use them differently. The purpose, the Gettysburg Address Abe Lincoln says, “...All men are created equal.” This is a main purpose for Gettysburg. It is for freedom and another thing Abe says, “...Dedicate a portion of that field..” This is second main purpose of Gettysburg and it is about honor the men who have died for the fight for freedom. The I have a dream purpose is freedom for the negro. Dr. king says that the “Negro is still not free.” Dr. king also talks about this is hope that the negro free soon. Dr. King words were, “This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope of millions of negro slaves.” the purpose is similar because they both want freedom.…show more content…
In the Gettysburg Address Abe Lincoln uses repetition and allusion. Abe repeats, “We can not.”And he also used a couple of allusion like, “Four score and seven years ago.” That is an allusion to Declaration of Independence. I have a dream using the same things repetition and allusion. Dr. King says I have a dream over and over around the end of his speech, this is a repetition. Dr. King allusion refers to Gettysburg about freedom. Dr. king said, “five score years ago.” And another allusion is let freedom ring. The different is Gettysburg uses a hyperbole and I have a dream uses metaphors. The hyperbole that Abe said is, “Dedicate a portion of that field.” One of the metaphors that Dr. King used is, “Satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from cup of bitterness and hatred.” Which means that they will not focus on the hate but just to keep fighting for freedom.Those are the differences in
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