Compare And Contrast Gilgamesh And Odysseus

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Compare Gilgamesh and Odysseusas Epic Heros

The Epic Gilgamesh and of Odysseus are two tales of men who were of high power of there time. These two heroes are from two different time frames and they were both two men who were in search of there lives. The story of Gilgamesh was very popular and it deescribes different characteristics of that time. These things include the attitude that most people of that time had towards the gods, how a hero was defined and regarded, views about death and friendship. Like wise, the Odyssey was also very popular in it’s time. During the reading of both tales, it can be seen that both of the stories share many similarities. An the main similarity that they both share is that both main characters pose to be epic heros. Even thoguh they come from two different time periods and express differences, they also express commanalities within themselves as characters. Gilgamesh, from the tale of Gilgamesh, was the king of Uruk, on the river Euphrates in modern Iraq. When the story is first intorduced, the reader can see that Gilgamesh was a very confident man and contained very little compassion for his people of Uruk. He was a king sure enough, but he was not one to count on as a leadear or a protector. He was the one to kill his people loved ones and rapes their daughters. He knew in his mind that he was superior to others due to the fact that he was two-thirds god and one third human. This is
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