Compare And Contrast Global Warming And Climate Change

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Climate change is the biggest global issue happening right now. It is the biggest issue because it is affecting our world and only getting worse. Many people think climate change and global warming are the same, but they are actually different. Global warming is the Earth’s rising surface temperature, and is the increase of the overall temperature in Earth 's atmosphere. Climate change is the whole picture, not just one part. It includes global warming, but also the aftermath of global warming. Examples are change in weather, increase of natural disasters, melting glaciers, and more frequent droughts (“The World Is Getting Warmer.”). The world is overlooking climate change and this will inevitably lead to the extinction of mankind. Humans are by far the biggest cause of climate change right now. It all started in the industrial revolution when we started burning fossil fuels at an enormous rate, causing Carbon Dioxide to spread through Earth’s air and atmosphere. Humans today pollute the air all the time by driving cars, using electricity, flying on planes, and from factories. In the last ten years alone, CO2 emissions have risen 42%. Carbon Dioxide is a big problem because it traps heat into…show more content…
The average global temperature has risen 3.2 degrees fahrenheit already, and is rising faster than ever. Scientists are warning the global average temperature could increase by as much as 6 degrees Celsius and 10.8 degrees Fahrenheit over the next century, which would cause our world to change radically. It would be almost unsuitable for life. At the pace climate change is going we are looking at about fifty to a hundred years until big problems happen with the climate. Most of our natural resources will run out in about fifty to a hundred years as well. But if we change now and stabilize the process of climate change, life on earth could last thousands to hundreds of thousands of years more. If we do not change soon our world will not be able to support life
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