Compare And Contrast Goodman Brown To Enter The Woods

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Goodman Brown and Thoreau go into the woods for different purposes. In both works, the woods are representing a higher spiritual purpose in relation to that of God and nature. Goodman Brown’s purpose is more reflective of notions of God, as Goodman goes into the woods in search in search of the Devil. Goodman wants to flirt with the bad or evil side of things thinking he can go back to his life of faith without consequence. This turns out to not be the case, as there are major consequences in which Goodman Brown figures out just a little too late. As these consequences having a lasting impact on his life. The nature of the woods Goodman Brown travels into to meet with the devil, is that of a place where no good can come from. The woods are representing bad or evil in the way that it is the place that hosts the devil and devilish in nature.…show more content…
Thoreau’s purpose for entering the woods and nature was an ultimately an experiment. Thoreau sets to enter the woods as an experiment how possessions and material prosperity impacts one’s life negatively. Thoreau also moves out to the woods to explore the idea of awakening ones creative mind, as he states “To be awake is to be alive”. Thoreau’s purpose intertwines with notions of God and nature. He uses sacred type vocabulary when describing the woods he lives in to show how divinity is surrounding him through the nature of the land. The woods are described of the divine nature of God and nature. Thoreau reflect the good nature of the woods, while Goodman Brown reflects the dark nature of the woods both in relation to God and
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