Compare And Contrast Grandpa's Badge Of Courage And Friends Dilemma

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“Grandpa's Badge of Courage” and “Friends Dilemma”, are two stories about love and respect. They share both similarities and differences. The two have similar themes and textual structures. They share similar messages or themes shown in different ways.
First of all, the theme of "Grandpa's Badge of Courage" is love can change an opinion. John tells a war story, from when he was young and fought in the vietnam war . His grandson hears the story and thinks his grandpa is a coward because he ran away from a trap. John tells his grandson it was not cowardice. He couldn't attack, because they were ambushed; and if he had not ran he would have died. After his grandfather tells him how he had no choice his previous opinion changes . In "Friend's Dilemma" the overall theme is love respect and friendship. The two men fight on different sides of the war, but do not want to fight each other, because they are friends. They have different opinions on slavery but still respect each other and their views. Love and respect is shown throughout both stories through different ways.
Besides the themes the development of the characters differed in the two stories. All of the characters John, George, and Winthrop had different life experiences which caused them grow differently. John has gained
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Both of the stories are very descriptive. The author of Friends Dilemma takes it a step further by using compare and contrast when first describing the main characters. This makes it easier to see each character individually and further understand their thoughts. As well as see how different the two men think.The two stories are also in chronological order with a time jump. In grandpa's badge of courage we go back decades to the Vietnam War. While in Friends Dilemma we go ahead to a year later. The structure used in the stories helps the reader to see the characters views and changes in his
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