Compare And Contrast Grease And Girl Can T Help It

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The two movies I will use in this analysis are “Girl Can’t Help It” and “Grease” they both are musical. “Girl Can’t Help It” is a romantic musical about down and out talent agent, washed up gangster, and a beauty. The washed up gangster has plans to marry the beauty but first he wants her to be famous because he doesn’t want to marry a nobody. So he hires the talent agent to make her a star. Due to here great looks he has no problem finding that to book her as talent but soon finds out that she lacks talent. In order to save both him and her embarrassment he tell the gangster that he quiets because she has no talent but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. The more time more the agent and the leading lady spend together the more they fall in love. Mine while once he find out she can’t sing the washed up…show more content…
The popular kids in the move are split in to two groups. The male groups is the T-Birds (also know a greaser) and the female group was known as the Pink Lady. You only talk to T Bird if you was Pink Lady and vice versa. The teen in the movie when through everyday teen problems such as love, crushes, school vs work, pregnancy, cheating, other school rivals, peer pressure, not fitting in, culture gaps, and immaturity. This lead too many break up between our leading cast and there counter parts. By the end of the school everyone has worked our problems and ready to graduate.
This movie always uses special effects in the beginning, middle and end of the film. The beginning of this movie all shot in animation. This was great effect to make this movie feel young like it was about teen not adults. In the middle when Frenchie drops out of beauty school she has dream tell her to go back to high school. In the dream there a people flying, a smoke screen, and changing back ground. The most notice special affects I this movie are at the end when the car that Danny and Sandy are in fly’s off into the

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