Compare And Contrast Gregor Mendle And Charles Darwin

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This essay will be about two people named Gregor Mendle and Charles Darwin. I will be discussing each of their childhood and there career.One from England the other from Germany, they both hadn't major passion for science.These two people have changed how we think about science at a time of where there scientific breakthrough led to many good things. Darwin's breakthroughs science and natural selection and Mendle's breakthroughs in genes, traits, and alleles. These major breakthroughs have changed science forever.

Charles Darwin was a man of innovation on a scientific mission. He was born in England on February 1809. Charles Darwin was born into a wealthy family in England. When Darwin was a young adult he joined a pilnan society where he assisted on the study of marine animals.
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He made a book in 1856 known as "origin of species". He worked with two men lyell and hooker to help publicize this book. It explained his full theory of natural selection and transmutation. Scientists around the world tried to critique it but couldn't break it. The public wasn't so proud of it at first but then it took up in likeness. This theory was now transformed into a law and the greatest theory ever. People are now using this theory to solve other pieces of the puzzle. This is why Charles Darwin has changed Science.

We talked about Darwin now we're going to talk about a man called Gregor Mendel. He was born in Germany July 22 1822. He was a middle child and worked a farm, that is how he grew such a huge likable relationship with plants. He went to school in his town on biology. Then got a scholarship to study of physics. He began his work on pea plants for recognizing offspring. He kept track of size and color, and height through many studies.He then knew what he wanted to do and started work on plant offspring and genes, alles, and
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