Compare And Contrast Grendel And Gary Ridgway

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Real Life Monsters
Between stories and real life, both worlds are the same, Evil seems to be a big factor on stories, but they usually have a happy ending. Well the only difference about our world itself, not everyone is so lucky. Grendel, a monster who is as cold as ice who terrorized the town by killing and destroying everything in his path .

Gary Ridgway a serial killer would lure his victims in by getting there trust and making it seem like he cared in which he didn’t. Serial killers don’t have feelings towards anyone. Grendel and Gary both terrorized and both cause sorrow to the family’s who has lost there child, sister, brother etc. Which is why they murder in the first place because of the pleasure and the reaction they get, they
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In his preteen years he had a habit of wetting the bed, when he did so his mother would be embarrassed by it and humiliates him in front of his brothers and father. His father would often tell coworkers he wanted engage in acts of necrophilia to his son.

The author of the bridgeway to ridgeway on Gary Ridgway says “As a 16 year-old high school student, Gary performed his first attempted murder. He had led a 6 year-old boy into the woods and stabbed him through his ribs. According to both the victim and Ridgway, Ridgway walked away laughing and saying, “I always wondered what it would be like to kill someone.” ( Bridgeway to Ridgway Author). This quote shows there's something wrong with him mentally and he should of gotten some psychiatric help.

There's so many signs showing when a child's going to be a serial killer when they get older. Gary didn't have mercy for this child, he wanted him dead and he didn't feel one bit sorrowful towards the criminal act he just committed. Grendel and Gary are the same, Grendel killed one after one without a second thought, he was cold when killing them he wanted to see them
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