Compare And Contrast Grounded And Jail

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Grounded or Jail
Being grounded is not all bad when compared to being in jail. However, both are very similar and very different in some ways. Both are a type of punishment and can be effective. Both punishments can change a person’s life and their thought process. In the next couple of paragraphs, in more detail, I will discuss the restrictions, living conditions, and the consequences of both.
Being grounded has fewer restrictions on a person. When one is grounded he or she will be confined to their room or house. In addition, one will lose privileges such as; watching the television, using the computer, talking on the phone, and going out with friends. This type of punishment could definitely be a terrible experience, and similar to being in jail. Even though they sound similar, being in jail a different experience. Similar to be confined to being grounded, being in jail one will be locked in a room and will not be able to roam between areas. At the same time, one will lose the same privileges as being grounded but will have no way of communicating except a visitation once a week. Of course being jail has more harsh living conditions but no one wants to grounded or in jail.
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The one who is grounded will serve their time and still go to school and work as normal. The only change will be in their free time per say. They will not be expelled from school or fired from work. Neither will one be fined an amount of money to repay. In contrast to the one serving time in jail, he or she could possibly lose their job. This will depend on their employer, the length of time to serve, and the actual crime that was committed. As for the fines, one that is convicted will be paying fines like court cost, the cost of the violation, and restoration if someone’s property was damaged during the incident. While being grounded involves breaking rules, being in jail involves breaking
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