Compare And Contrast Gun Walking And Gun Control

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Morrow3McKay MorrowMrs. PollockEnglish-111314 November 2017Gun Walking & Gun ControlGun walking and Gun control to a lot of people are considered the same thing, and in a way they are; in reality they are also very different. Gun control is used for regular every day citizens who want to use or own a firearm of their very own legally, and basically gun control allows them to do that once they take a few gun safety classes and pass a few tests. Also, gun walking is where the United States Government uses soldiers for covert operations, and they watch gun smugglers and see who is buying American weapons illegally, and what that person or group is going to use them for and try to shut it down immediately. Both of these things can cause problems sometimes because gun control can get out of hand when someone who is unstable or owns a criminal record gets a hold of a gun and can harm people, and as for gun walking having problems a lot of good men die in the line of duty trying to complete these operations. Gunwalking and Gun Control are two different things, because people need laws to be able to walk around daily with guns which is gun control; gun walking is when the USA use operatives to catch people who sell or buy American guns across the border illegally.
Morrow4A little bit of background information for gun control would be that gun control has been used since “1966 to 2012 because those were the most mass shootings” (Dilascio); it is still being used today because there

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