Compare And Contrast Halloween And Day Of The Dead

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Halloween and Day of the Dead, despite their similarities, are very different. They are similar because they both have sugary treats and they are different because they are celebrated in different ways, and the preparation of the holidays are different. Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated in Mexico, and Central America where people celebrate their ancestors souls and bring them some of their favorite things to their graves and throw many parties. Halloween is a day when children go out in costumes to trick-or-treat for candies and other sugary items, people also setup decorations outside their houses that look go along with the holiday.

One of the things that Day of the Dead and Halloween share is the sugary treats there are to offer. Day of the Dead offers chocolate skulls that take 4-6 months to make and are hand molded just
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On Day of the Dead, people go to markets to buy certain foods and items, some include las flores (flowers), El Mole (spicy chocolate), and El pan de Muerto (bread of the dead). People buy theses items because Day of the Dead is a very important holiday in Mexico and it usually takes 2 months salary to buy all of these things, it’s crazy. Along with people making altars, they must also prepare favorite foods of that loved one and also prepare themselves for the huge parties that they have on this special day. Halloween however, is prepared for by people going out and buying house items for the interior and exterior of the house. Parents also buy their kids costumes for this holiday to go out on halloween night and get candy.

Although it may seem like Day of the Dead and halloween are similar, there are a lot of things that are different about the two. Sharing sugary treats definitely seems like it makes the two holidays the same, the way the two holidays are celebrated and how they are prepared for, makes them very
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