Compare And Contrast Hamlet And Star Wars

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Hamlet vs. Star Wars – Comparative Essay

Everyone that knows William Shakespeare and his writing, know that there is a large collection of movies that showcase the bones and foundation of his plays. George Lucas’ Star Wars, for example, has the foundation and somewhat of the story line from William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. We know that both of the main characters, Luke Skywalker and Young Hamlet, are seeking revenge for the deaths of their fathers. While the bones and foundation may be the same, a large amount of the details are completely different. In Star Wars, Luke didn’t know his father, but in Hamlet, Old Hamlet was Young Hamlet’s role model. Luke was also unaware of who had killed his father, while Young Hamlet had figured out who had been behind the murder of his father and made himself certain of it too. Luke was also unaware of how his father had died, but Hamlet had figured out, thanks to his father’s ghost, how his father had been killed. Even though Star Wars’ revenge plot may be the same as Hamlet’s revenge plot, they’re very different from each other.

Although Luke knew that he had a father once, he did not know his father personally. On the other hand, Young
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Hamlet's revenge scheme comes straight out of his heart, he wants to avenge his roll model, his best friend, his father. He knows what he wants, he knows why he wants it, he knows that without revenge he will feel incomplete. On the other hand, Luke does not know if he wants revenge or not, he does not know who his father is, and is unaware of why he wants revenge. The bones and foundation may be the same, both are a revenge plot and both of the protagonists are seeking revenge for the deaths of their fathers, both have incredibly similar characters throughout the stories, but the main and important details are completely different and those main details create completely different

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