Compare And Contrast Hamlet And The Lion King

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The Lion King is a classic childrens movie made in 1994. The movie involves a king, Mufasa, the king's brother, Scar, and the king's son, Simba. Mufasa is killed by his brother, Scar, and Mufasa’s son is left to avenge his father’s death and bring things at the kingdom back to normal. With this classic childhood film there is an adult version, Hamlet. Hamlet is a play by William Shakespeare written between the years of 1600-1602. Since then Hamlet has been portrayed in many movies to this date. The play is about a king, Old Hamlet, who is killed by his brother, Claudius, and it is up to Old Hamlet’s son, Hamlet, to avenge his death and make things right in the kingdom of Denmark. Many similarities and even differences can be found throughout both productions.…show more content…
In Hamlet, the king is killed during his sleep by Claudius pouring poison in his ear to make it look like a death of natural causes. In The Lion King, Mufasa is killed when ,Scar, threw his paws off the cliff and a stampede of antelope trample his body. In both the film and the play, the sons of the now deceased kings desert the kingdom. The differences with that is in the play Hamlet is sent away by his uncle to Britain to “receive mental health help” but his Uncle Claudius really had secret plans to kill Hamlet. In the movie, The Lion King, Scar scares Simba into leaving the kingdom and never returning, in that case, it can be said that Simba chose to take Scar’s advise and leave on his
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