Compare And Contrast Hatchet And A Cry In The Wilds

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“Hatchet” does a better job of telling the story, than “A cry in the wilds” . I believe this because it show’s more imagery and a better understanding of foreshadowing, rather than just showing us a picture. For example, imagery in the book, Brian described the kiss of his mother and the secret kissing. According to the text, the book showed imagery by saying , “he widened the hole with his finger and looked inside. Just an egg. It had a dark yellow yolk and not so much to bite as he thought there would be. Just an egg. Food. Just an egg he had to eat. Raw. For another example, the book also foreshadowed, “and he kicked out as hard as he could, and threw the hatchet at the sound, a noise coming from his throat. But the hatchet missed, sailed
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